BMX in Scotland, and the KGB JAM

I haven’t worked on the BMX page much so I decided today would be the day as yesterday I sold my BMX. It was sad to see her go, but it was something I had to do as my time in the UK is coming to a close (for now). I aim to have a new one built before summer when I am finally in one place for a little while.

BMX is one of those micro-cultures, among many others, where you can find other riders in just about any other city and already be friends. For example, in the last 2 months I have been on a BMX in the Netherlands, France, and Greece all through a friend of a friend, or just a total stranger on the street that let me pedal their bike around. It is a sport that draws such a large and diverse group, although it is a mainly a male dominated sport, of totally different and fascinating people who wouldn’t otherwise be together. It is a sport that is personal and creative, but like any creative activity it can be shared and usually great things happen when you are riding with friends. BMX is my mediation, it is a release and and escape for me that forces me  to be in the moment, and it always makes me happy. I have been lucky enough to find different riders and friends in all of the places I have called home. I have especially been missing the BUSINESS guys back in Nova Scotia, but also friends from Saskatchewan, and Abu Dhabi.

Riding in the UK has been great, a lot of rain, and in the winter there is less than 7 hours of dark grey before it goes black for 17 hours but the riders are relentless. A great thing about riding with different groups of friends, in different parts of the world, is that it is always cool to see the different styles, and how people feed off of each other. There are many very technical riders here which takes an amazing amount of bike control. They may not be going fast or high but it is a style that I love to watch because it is very fluid.  From my observations, at least around Glasgow, BMX riders out number skateboarders, scooter kids and rollerbladers combined; something I have never seen before. It would be easy to say that is because of all the cobblestone or rain, which destroys skate bearings, but honestly I think it is because of the strong snowballing BMX community.   I spent most my riding time cruising the streets or around Kelvingrove skate park (with the KGB) – a really amazing community and some incredible people and riders that I am sad to leave. I probably hung out with my buddy Stefan more not riding then riding, but it was BMX that drew us together. We were able to film a little for an edit (that might never happen) in a handful of amazing street spots and other great skateparks around Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as two of the main indoor parks; Unit 23 and EKpark.

Today was the first of three KGB jams of the summer, and sadly the only one I will be at. It was pouring rain most of the day so it was relocated under the M8 and given the weather there was a pretty good turn out. I didn’t get much footage and I cut this edit together pretty fast, so it’s nothing spectacular but it was fun nontheless. There will be another edit put together by some of the other guys capturing clips later I am sure.

Thanks to all the KGB guys and Scottish riders for the great times. Below are a few photos from today and this past week and I plan to add more UK riding photos soon.




IMG_1685 IMG_1667


IMG_1233 IMG_1240 IMG_1246

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