The only constant is change. There is growth and then decay, and then the cycle continues.

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This is a place for me to continuously share what I see and observe, what I am working on, and what inspires me.

I am an improvisor, an adventure junkie, BMX rider and active cyclist from Nova Scotia, Canada en route back home after a year of hoping around North America and Europe with Glasgow Scotland as my most recent home base. I am a professional artist, photographer and videographer and I pride myself on myability to adapt and to work with what is at hand. I have a BFA, Major in Intermedia/Interdisciplinary from NSCAD University and i work within adventure tourism. I am a strong, self-motivated, compassionate, dedicated and social individual who loves travel, the ocean and being out side, amongst many other things.

Displaying “finished” works of art is not something that would always necessarily define my practice, as a lot of my works develop and change over time. The work I create within that sphere I finish it to a point in which there is nothing more I can do except wait for time to naturally continue its development. This development could be some form of artistic collaboration, interactively with a viewer, or the elements changing the pieces of work over time.

The only constant is change. There is growth and then decay, and then the cycle continues. This fascinates me, and it is a common element found threaded through out my art work.

My goal for this space is to track my own philosophies, interests, and discoveries. I will explore how these come together and how they speak to each other. I want to share what my hands discover, where my adventures and interests take me, what my senses and cameras capture, and who I meet and learn from along the way.

a travel blog HERE , an art blog HERE , a BMX blog HERE

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Athens, Greece

We spent a lot of time on the seas. The Adriatic first where we ferried from Bari- Patera, then took a bus to Athens. White two story rectangle tan houses with orange tilled roofs, lots unfinished or gutted with no windows. Bussing the coast, then through green mountains. Fighting to keep my eyes open. The Greeks fly their flag proudly, everywhere. Greece, the meeting point of 3 continents. The people are clearly from, and live through the sea. A place that shaped individuals and groups who have tried to unlock and discover basic truths of life for thousands of years. […]